Sexual Assault 101

What is Sexual Assault?

  • Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact including verbal, emotional, and physical acts.  Sexual assault can be unwanted sexual comments, touching, and/or penetration of any part of the body.  
  • Rape is among the most under-reported crimes in America. Sexual assault happens to 1 in 4 women in Colorado. Read more statistics here and here.
  • Anyone can be a victim (and a survivor) of Sexual Assault regardless of gender age, race, class, education, sexual orientation, gender expression, socio-economic status or other defining characteristics.  

TESSA provides all of our services in absolute confidentiality. If you've been a victim of Sexual Assault and need support, please contact us.


Love is Respect provides peer mentors 24/7 online, by text and by phone for youth and young adults.


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