Programs and Services

TESSA offers confidential support and services for victims of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault (DVSA) and their children.

24-Hour Crisis Line | 719.633.3819
TESSA Advocates provide crisis intervention, safety planning, and community referral services.

Safehouse | 719.633.3819
TESSA’s Safehouse provides emergency shelter, food, case management, counseling, and support to female survivors and their children. The Safehouse Program can provide short-term safe shelter vouchers for local hotels to male victims and their children.

Safehouse residents have access to many support services including Confidential Advocacy, Counseling (adults & children), court support, and assistance with multiple local resources to:

  • Securing Permanent Safe Housing 
  • Finding Employment
  • Accessing Childcare
  • Locating Adult Educational Options
  • Obtaining New Identities 

Victim Advocacy | 719.633.1462
Confidential Victim Advocates provide support, systems assistance (criminal justice and other institutional systems), court support, and community resources. Advocacy allows victims to:

  • Identify Options
  • Develop Safety Plans
  • Receive Assistance with Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)
  • Acquire Information and Referrals

*Hospital Call-Outs | 719.633.3819 : Confidential Victim Advocates provide 24/7 hospital response to victims seeking medical attention due to an incidence of DVSA
*DHS Liaisons | 719.444.8119: Two of TESSA’s Confidential Victim Advocates are co-located in the El Paso County Department of Human Services’ TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) Division. These advocates work with TANF clients who identify domestic violence as an issue or barrier to achieving self-sufficiency.

Children’s Program | 719.633.1462
Children's Program Therapists and Advocates work with children who have witnessed DVSA in the home. Services are for children residing in TESSA’s Safehouse and children from the community-at-large and include:  

  • Individual Counseling
  • Psycho-Educational/Age-Appropriate Support Groups         
  • Child-Specific Advocacy
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Case Management

Counseling Program | 719.633.1462
Staff therapists provide therapeutic services to adult DVSA victims. These include:

  • Individidual Psycho-Therapy
  • Psycho-Educational Support Groups for DV Survivors
  • Therapeutic Support Groups for DVSA Survivors

These services encourage participants to work on self-esteem, provide education about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, and assist in goal setting and problem solving. 

Rural Program
(Cripple Creek) 719.243.5508 | (Calhan) 719.243.4833
To better serve victims of DVSA in rural areas, TESSA has a full-time Confidential Victim Advocate based in Cripple Creek (serving Teller County), and one based in Calhan (serving Eastern El Paso County). Adult Counseling services are also available by appointment at these locations. Advocacy is available on a walk-in basis.

Visit our Home Page for office addresses and walk-in hours at these locations.

Community Outreach | 719.785.6842 |
TESSA Speakers are available to any group interested in a presentation about issues related to DVSA. Specific topics include:

  • Safe Dating
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • DV 101
  • SA 101
  • Bystander Intervention
  • TESSA Programs and Services
  • Customized Presentations for per Group Needs

TESSA works throughout the Pikes Peak region - with schools, businesses, community associations, judicial system partners, and faith-based organizations - to change the community conversation around DVSA, fuel social change in the forms of bystander intervention and collective intolerance, and highlight the reality that these are community-wide problems that deserve community-wide solutions.


Love is Respect provides peer mentors 24/7 online, by text and by phone for youth and young adults.


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