Higher Ed/ Title-IX

Title-IX Coordinator Resources
K-12 Title-IX Fact Sheet
K-12: Contact your district for current Title IX contact information
    1. Harrison School District 2
      Phone number: (719) 579-2000

    2. Widefield School District 3
      Phone number: (719) 391-3000

    3. Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8
      Phone number: (719) 382-1300

    4. School District No. 11
      Phone number: 719-520-2000

    5. Cheyenne Mountain School District 12
      Phone number: (719) 475-6100

    6. Manitou Springs School District 14
      Phone number: (719) 685-2024

    7. Academy District 20
      Phone number: (719) 234-1200

    8. Falcon School District 49
      Phone number: (719) 495-1159

    9. Woodland Park School District (Teller County)
       Phone number: (719) 686-2000

    10. Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind Phone number: (719) 578-2100

    Higher Ed Title-IX Fact Sheet
    Higher Education
    1. Colorado College
      Website: https://www.coloradocollege.edu/other/titleix/

    2. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
      Website: https://equity.uccs.edu/

    3. Pikes Peak Community College
      Website: https://www.ppcc.edu/human-resource-services/sexual-misconduct-resolution-process/overview

      What does a SANE appointment look like?

      Step 1: Most law enforcement will recommend against changing your clothes, washing your clothes, or taking a shower after the assault. This is because evidence from the perpetrator and the crime scene may be found on your body and clothing.

      Step 2: During the exam, the SANE nurse will ask you to recount your sexual assault and record what you say in their report.

      Step 3: Then, the SANE nurse will conduct a physical exam to check your body for abrasions, bruises, and other injuries. Part of the physical exam will be invasive.

      Step 4: The SANE nurse will also offer to conduct tests to check for pregnancy and STDs.

      Step 5: The SANE nurse may then connect you to local sexual assault resources.

      ** Keep in mind that the exam may take as long as 2 hours or more. Bring a family member or a friend if you need some emotional or moral support. You might be offered drinks and snacks during the exam, but if there is a food or drink that comforts you, bring that as well.

      ** The SANE nurse’s report is important because it can be offered to both law enforcement and to the Title IX adjudicator as evidence to support your sexual assault claim.