Get Help

If you are in a life-threatening situation CALL 911

(If your situation is not life-threatening, call our confidential safeline at 719-633-3819)

If you are in an abusive relationship…

Your first step is to create a Safety Plan. TESSA’s Confidential Advocates can help. Contact us at 719.633.3819.

TESSA’s exceptional staff can help you, and your children, in a number of ways including:
• Safe Shelter
• Case Management
• Counseling
• Connections to Community Resources
• Parent Coaching
• Much More

Love is not supposed to hurt. TESSA is here to support you on the path to a safe life for you and your family.

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If someone you know is in an abusive relationship…

• Don’t Gossip
• Believe their Story
• Tell the Victim that they Do Not Deserve Abuse
• Know your Local Resources
• Encourage the Victim to Contact TESSA for Help

Victims of Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault are left in trauma. Fear (for themselves, their children, other family members, etc.) can convince a victim that they have no options. By offering support and understanding, you might save a life.


For safe shelter, or to get information on housing contact TESSA’s Safeline: 719.633.3819.


For legal support and general questions contact TESSA’s Main Office: 719.633.1462.


For information about individual and/or group counseling, click below:



To submit a website inquiry for help, please complete the form below.


Protection Orders

TESSA assists with Protection Order requests when a threat or act of violence has occurred within one or both of the following parameters:

1. Domestic Violence: when there has been a threat of or an act of violence between adults, who are or who were, in an intimate relationship (i.e. married, dated, share children, or had any intimate contact). TESSA is not able to assist in matters that are between neighbors, landlords, roommates, etc.
2. Sexual Assault: when there has been non-consensual sexual contact between adults. Sexual assault victims may or may not have known their offender.

walk-in hours

Walk-In hours at our main office:

Monday – Thursday | 7:30AM – 4:30PM
Friday | 7:30AM – 12:00PM

tessa advocate

Find a TESSA Advocate in Room 101 of the El Paso County Courthouse to assist you:

Monday – Friday | 8:00AM – 9:30AM

filing paperwork

You must file your TPO paperwork in Room 101 before 9:30am Monday-Friday, to appear before the Judge/Magistrate that same day. There is no fee for filing a Protection Order involving Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault. You are required to show photo ID.

Community resources
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