Protection (Restraining) Orders in Colorado

Colorado Legal Services, Colorado Springs office staff and TESSA partnered to help you learn about protection (also called restraining) orders

  • I. Introduction and What if the Person Restrained Violates the Protection Order(Non-criminal order obtained by abused spouse against abusive spouse.)?
  • II. PPOs and Safety Planning.
  • III. Steps to Asking the Court for a PPO. Video tip! Did you know exhibits and evidence is the same thing? We talk about both in the video, so don't be confused!
  • IV. Forms You'll Need to File with the Court. Video tips! A Complaint is filed by the Plaintiff, the person who starts the case. A Motion is when you ask the court to change something the court has already decided. Joint children are the children of the two parties involved in the court case.
  • V. Evidence: What is it?
  • VI. What Happens at the Hearing and How Do I Prepare?