Privacy Policy


TESSA is committed to protecting the privacy of site visitors and will never share your email address with any other person, organization or company. This policy also stands regarding our mailing lists and all donor information, which is never given to any other organization or business.

We encourage you to view TESSA’s internet safety information .

TESSA does not gather any personal information about site visitors that visitors do not themselves provide (such as those opting to sign up for our online newsletters). This information is never shared with others. Our site does not collect cookies. We do link to many external web sites which may or may not collect information; we encourage the prudent use of caution for victims of violence and encourage internet and computer users to be aware of other sites’ policies and information practices. TESSA makes every attempt to link to sites that will provide valid, important information, but we cannot vouch for others’ information or online practices and policies.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this privacy statement, site practices, or your online TESSA experiences, please contact TESSA’s Development Director at [email protected]. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.