Survivor Survey for Rural

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  • This survey is to better understand how Eastern El Paso and Teller County can serve residents who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and/or human trafficking. This survey should take 15 minutes to complete and your feedback is completely anonymous. You will not be asked for your name or contact information during the survey.

  • These questions will cover your personal experiences. We understand this may be difficult to answer. Eastern El Paso and Teller County will be better able to meet residents’ needs if they understand the types of situations people have experienced, and your responses are confidential. Please know you can skip any question you aren’t comfortable answering and continue in the survey.

  • 23. Please rate how satisfied you are with your overall interaction(s) with the following organization(s).

  • Thank you for providing your feedback. TESSA has Rural Advocates in your area to provide support, and a 24/7 Safeline

    24/7 Safeline – 719-633-3819
    Eastern El Paso Advocate – Cindy 719-243-4833
    Teller Advocate – Rebecca 719-822-3033
    Co-located Rural Advocate – Melanie